Making a House a Home (Pet Edition)

Being the proud owner of a 2-year-old chinchilla, I’m constantly looking for creative ways to make his life more exciting. Some of us pet owners fall into the creative vacuum that is spending your spare cash on spoiling your pet. Since Sly (that’s his name) is about to go through a major cage upgrade, I’ve been researching everything I can find accessory-wise. Be it something store-bought or a new DIY project to add to my list.

The video above shows off some next-level carpentry. Right now, I could only buy something like that. The pre-planning that (obviously) went into this is rather impressive to take in. Regardless of your feelings about pets, just study the workmanship for a second. Every piece that was designed is a) fully functional regardless of if the cage is open or shut and b) holds up even six months later.

The Sounding Board Graphic

I’m still determined to learn this dance routine.

Interested in getting started in 3D graphics? This video, though slightly dated, still has some great software suggestions. I briefly played around with DAZ 3D Studio years ago.


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