In the News

Evening/Morning/Afternoon All!

I have an extremely early morning, both tomorrow and Friday, for work-related events. Tonight, I’m going to keep it simple and share the headlines that caught my attention over the last few days. I’m sticking with a theme of “visual identity”. Let me know which stood out to you the most.

20 Design Rules You Should Never Break (via Canva)
How to Discover Your Brand’s Social Media Voice (via B2C)
Dove’s Newest Real Beauty Campaign: “Choose Beautiful” (via
Chicago’s Franklin Center Gets a $30 Million Makeover (via Chicago Business)

The Sounding Board Graphic

On a completely unrelated note, who else went “hmmm…” over that Dennis Quaid Funny or Die prank? Prior to the official confirmation of being a prank or real rant, my fellow commuters were discussing whether we believed it. Funny or not, crazy how viral it went in all of a few hours. But a) this is Hollywood and b) sensational stories always sell.

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