In the News: Pop Culture & Careers

As I mentioned yesterday, tonight’s another short list of stories to check out. I’ll be back to more thorough posts tomorrow. Thanks for the patience!

Orphan Black Season 3 Posters (via BBC America): This is a genius way to marketing episodes. Per the website, each week’s posters will give hints to the episode. I’m thinking over the current poster extensively. Let the fan conspiracies take flight!

The World’s First Robotic Kitchen (via Ars Technica): Cooking is a stress reliever…and I could never afford this if I wanted to. So that’s a strong “no” for me. However, the potential of further applications is worth entertaining. Would you want something like this in your household, if money weren’t of concern?

PowerToFly helps women to find virtual work opportunities (including full-time positions). Yeah. Sounds pretty awesome to me as well. We all know the job market is moving further into contract work. And who wouldn’t love the opportunity to work remotely full or part-time?