In Which a Doppelgänger is Useful

In celebration of Orphan Black tomorrow and this Mashable article, I found myself thinking about how much of an adjustment it would be to have a doppelgänger of any kind. Not to say I don’t have any out there (hello, if you’ve found me), but you get what I mean.

After a few minutes of processing all the questions I’d have and things I want to analyze, my mind quickly jumped to all the ways it could be helpful. Some of it’s superficial, but I know it would quickly evolve into a deep conversation about identity.

  1. Shopping without a mirror. Yes, this is my first thought. You can get a quick idea on if an outfit works. More importantly, you figure out if that body part you’re hyperaware of is as bad/good as you think.
  2. Being two places at once. When you just don’t plan the day right, you can get everything done.
  3. How’d you sound with a different accent. Because we all have that one accent we love that we can’t pull off in any way whatsoever.

It’s funny, because even though looking alike does not make you the same person, your mind can quickly go that direction. We can sometimes treat the thought like a doppelgänger equates to proof of an alternate universe. Each person represents the road you would have traveled had you chosen route A instead of route B. We don’t think that with the likes of identical twins, so why does it change when it’s a different circumstance?

The Sounding Board Graphic

One of the recent Pitch Perfect 2 trailers has a nod to K-pop (via Billboard)
The HydraDock is another awesome Kickstarter to consider (via Mashable)
The Dieline has shared Part 3 of their Packaging 101 series (via The DieLine)

I’ll be live tweeting Orphan Black tomorrow night. While I’ll try and avoid spoilers, my excitement can get away from me. So beware.


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