Orphan Black Season 3: Episode 1 Thoughts

As one would hope, the new season has started off with a bang. And after taking these last few minutes to process what I’ve seen…it’s right back to the drawing board for my theories. While it can make me cringe at the thought of waiting for a week, it’s a delicious twist to know a third of my beliefs are shaken up again.

Characters I’m now considering “not so safe”? Check.

A new clone? Check.

Episode teasers that, in fact, did not spoil anything in the actual episode? Check.

And that scorpion?

Yep. Big old check.

Just as Season 2 hinted, there’s a much bigger world besides Project Leda and Project Castor. I’m still contemplating who’s all in on it, but the clues are apparent. All of these clones gone rogue makes me wonder how many other projects, groups and backstage storylines we’re about to see.

Cheers to a great episode. Can’t wait for the next.

The Sounding Board Graphic

I’m looking forward to the C2E2 panel next weekend. I’ll be catching a later rerun of next week’s episode, so no live tweet unfortunately (or fortunately, if you hate the spoilers). Really hoping to get some great info and feedback from the actors on where things are going for the season.


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