Breakdown the Makeup

I’ve been on a serious BuzzFeed YouTube marathon these last few weeks (seriously, spend some time on their channel). Just a few weeks ago, they shared this awesome video on women’s makeup over the years. I’ll prefer this with the fact that many shortcuts were taken to do a quick recap. I noticed that one quite quickly and am aware that others will most likely jump on that fact as well.

Now, I know makeup may not been your thing. But it’s still a subject we can relate to in some regard. You could be a daily user, never touched it, find it attractive or irritating. But we all have an image that comes to mind when we hear the word.

I’m of the group that wears makeup on special occasions, and only special occasions. It’s can take more time than wanted, I hate having my skin break out and I seem to brush my face more when “trying not to think about it”.  It just becomes a stressful endeavor all for the sake of maybe a few hours.

Makeup, and fashion in general, are always in this rotation. You can almost always count on a trend from two decades ago coming back. There’s a small twist or two, and probably a new name (I’m looking at you, harem pants), but you’re having the same foundation.

Oh, the opportunity for a bad makeup joke…

I’m just waiting for the day where “natural makeup” doesn’t somehow involve what feels like a billion products at once. We need to come up with a better name for that look.

The Sounding Board Graphic

I never thought I’d reference Hot topic again, but their Avengers collaboration just won me over. That Loki dress though…

Here’s a dance routine to learn in your spare time.


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