From Glitter to Glamorous

I’m kidding.

Do you ever have amazing conversations with coworkers that, while not really following a specific line of thought, somehow come full-circle? I won’t go into exact detail (long story behind the story situation) of this morning’s talk, but two of my coworkers had me crying in laughter. Literally.

We talked glitter, celebrities and the Beyoncé beyhive. All in all, it was a mini-celebration of the quirkiness that is fandom. Every morning, there’s about 5-6 of us in the office by 8/8:15 am. In the midst of settling in for the work day (or many times just jumping right into work), three of us have a quick pop culture session. Movie quotes, song lyrics and random finds on YouTube/Vine are swapped while we fix our breakfast/coffee/tea.

I think it’s the best way to start your day. This morning’s mix let to this gem I hadn’t seen until today:

It almost makes me wish I watched the full VMAs last year. Another co-worker is a hardcore beyhive member, so we were getting her thoughts on the subject as well. Backtracking for a minute, this was how the dots connected: celebs, singers, Maria Carey, Glitter (the film and the craft supply), current big name female singers, Beyoncé. And then a co-worker ran to get his phone and just told me, “you need to see this”. Of course, my mind was still on glitter and I came out with this:

Edward Cullen's Ashes

Sorry, not sorry. This photo never gets old to me.

 The Sounding Board Graphic

If you’re someone who enables your web history setting, go on and download your archive.

The Bongo Lady wins at life. We should all get that excited about life’s moments.


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