C2E2 Part 1: Calm Before the Storm

It was an adventure getting out of the city this afternoon. Since I’m attending C2E2 tomorrow with friends, I’m crashing at someone’s house instead of my normal commute back home. Having a wonderful view out the window now, I can only laugh as I stare into the grayscale skyline, with tree branches swaying in the light breeze.

We spent the hour plus commute home hypothesizing and critiquing episode one of Orphan Black. Analyzing the trials that are daily life and highlights of the work week. Getting our social updates in the air and the adrenaline starts building for the day to come.

Some have tickets on hand, others picking up at the venue or purchasing at the last-minute. Everyone’s figuring out the must-see panels and which booths we “absolutely cannot skip”–because fandom. It’s the joy everyone goes through as a convention starts.

The trains this morning were a bit more crowded than usual. I observed a few cosplayers making their way towards McCormick place. While I already know next year will need a full weekend pass, just knowing that I’m going to be there tomorrow is enough to keep the grin on my face.

For just over 12 hours, I can spew out every fact I’ve been waiting to discuss for months. Check out the latest merch I need to start setting cash aside for and seeing some of the celebs I never thought I’d meet. Some of my favorite events to attend.

There are a number of big announcements coming, I know of one local announcement I’ve been waiting to share for a bit now. Can’t wait to finally discuss it and get some feedback. I know conventions aren’t everyone’s thing, but I always respect the giant undertaking.

Do you all have a particular category of conventions you look forward to annually? Maybe a specific convention on the bucket list?

7 thoughts on “C2E2 Part 1: Calm Before the Storm

  1. Fetesha Downs says:

    It is pretty awesome, isn’t it? As for other conventions, it depends on the subject matter you’re interested in and how far you’re willing to travel. I went to college in Wisconsin, so everyone’s rather intense about Summerfest. Enjoy that one for sure.

    The comic/pop culture convention list is non-stop and I have so many on the bucket list. This is a bookmark that I like to keep handy. I know Wizard World Chicago/Chicago Comic Con’s great if you’re trying to meet certain celebrities and don’t get caught up in the price game. Anime Central is a blast and if you’re into fashion, the masquerade’s normally pretty awesome. I heard a few friends really enjoyed the new Chi-Fi Con. I’m determined to get out to E3 and, of course, San Diego Comic Con.

    So yeah, take your pick. lol.

  2. Dāsha says:

    This year I’m going to C2E2 for the first time and I can barely contain myself! The pass alone for Saturday is to die for. Are there any other conventions you recommend? The only other thing that had me this excited is Milwaukee Summerfest,which is an amazing event.


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