C2E2 Part 2: Day of Prep

Bright and early with this post. I’m not cosplaying, though the make is sitting all over the bed at the moment while I decide if I’m awake enough to attempt anything. Knowing the lines we’re about to face, it’s just another hour or so until everyone takes off for the city. And since we won’t be back until after midnight…I refuse to break my daily post commitment.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Twitter feed today. There will be some snapshots of the general vibe at McCormick Place. I’m definitely planning on live tweeting the Orphan Black panel (praying I get a good seat for photos). If my battery doesn’t die and/or I can get access to a charger here and there, I’ll also be reporting on the Threadless after party. Can’t wait to comment on a big announcement coming out at noon from Geek Bar Chicago.

Stay tuned and have an awesome day!