C2E2 Part 3: Orphan Black Panel Recap


We arrived a few hours early with the hope that we were close enough to make it into the panel. I think that’s every fan’s worst nightmare–not getting into the very thing you showed up for. Because it’s a convention, we naturally started up conversations in line while we waiting the hour for the doors to open. Positive mental vibes were being spread around the group for not having too many people stay in the Main Stage and cause less of us to get in.

Major props to the C2E2 staff in regards to crowd control and getting everyone settled quickly. We scored awesome seats, dead center and in the middle of the room.



Can you see the excitement? We had a lot of adrenaline to get rid of. Just shortly after the panel started, C2E2 staff start passing out an awesome gift.


I really appreciated that the event staff and the panel moderator, Mo Ryan, were as hyped as the rest of us fans. Every question was deep. Every answer was processed repeatedly before a response was shared. The way Ari Millen handled a question about the possibility of a Castor transgender clone was exquisite.


Tatiana couldn’t make it to the event, so she recorded a message for fans. Of course, we all reacted calmly and quietly…lmao. No, we lost it and no one was able to hold back from grinning like crazy.


It was a great hour that never lost pacing. I enjoyed the entire experience and cannot wait to see what else comes out of this season. Hopefully there’s another opportunity to interact with the cast and crew in the future, this is a show I’m completely dedicated to. Definitely a dream come true.


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