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FANGIRL Kickstarter Campaign

So there I was at C2E2, walking through the Artist Alley with my friends, Corielle and Glenn. It was their first convention of this kind and they were completely entranced. Be it people watching, new merchandise to buy or the general community that is a fan convention–the adrenaline was at an all-time high.

Perusing the artwork, I noticed Corielle had stopped by a particular booth. You see, in addition to enjoying herself, she was also finding more potential women to collaborate with her non-profit, liftUPlift. While she spoke with the purple haired artist (I’m always happy to meet someone else rocking an alternative color), I was taking in the artwork.

Jessica Lynn may be newer to the scene, but she is kicking things off with a bang. Ask her about how she got involved with the FANGIRL project. It is seriously worth the time and showcases how fantastic the industry truly is. We start discussing her portfolio. Why she focuses on different angles and ways that a female form can be sexy without being objectifying–at the same time.


The discussion naturally evolves into the FANGIRL Kickstarter campaign. There were previews of the comic being passed out and we were lucky to get our hands on copies before they ran out. The quickest way I can describe this series is if you took the initial premise of The Guild (only in terms of a group of gamers that also meet offline), decreased everyone’s ages and made it a murder mystery. Except, if that wasn’t enough, the main plot takes place at San Diego Comic Con. Because: fandom.

I’m telling you, being able to watch the passion take over Jessica’s face was fantastic. This isn’t just a project for her. It’s not just an entertaining story she hopes people like. This is a story she knows the world needs to hear and she’s doing everything she can to get the word out. The other artists involved in the Kickstarter campaign include some industry favorites along with underground artists that won’t be that way for long. I am so humbled by the way Jessica is extending a hand to other underground artists to expand the myriad of opportunities and perspectives.

Tom Stillwell is a local comic writer (Chi-town represent) who’s another part of the team. We meet him at a separate booth and he was just as excited to discuss the storyline, what it takes to make a successful Kickstarter campaign and why it needs to be told. Learning how and why the character Alice was based on a real-life fan was so cool. You honestly never know the impact you have on others. He was recently interviewed by Geek Dad about this campaign, so make sure to read it when you get the time.

The Sounding Board Graphic

I’m seeing Age of Ultron tomorrow night. Cannot contain myself anymore. My inaugural Marvel Collector Corp subscription also arrived just in time. When I’m not salivating over my Hulkbuster, I’m staring at the t-shirt I’m wearing downtown (Hulk vs. Ultron). Look for both a film review and product review this weekend. I know I’ll most likely not get a post out tomorrow since I’m literally away from a computer all day. So don’t hate me. Or, at least hide it until I’m not around so I can assume we’re still best buds.

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