So Much News to Cover

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a few days since my last post. Much longer than expected, but for a great reason. This was a rare week that had me in (and out) of town almost every other day. I’m going to be sharing recaps over the next few days about the following events/reviews:

  • C2E2 Threadless after party swag review
  • The inaugural Marvel Collector Corps. subscription box (Avengers’ theme)
  • We Day Illinois 2015
  • Age of Ultron Premiere (and more thoughts after the second viewing this morning)
  • Updates on my first book, web series and a new community of local, female writers
  • Another new project within the Chicago geek scene

I’ve been in an elevated level of absolute happiness these last eight days or so. I don’t mean just my general joy for life. I mean that exact time frame when you see the pieces floating together so closely you aren’t just at the precipice any more–you’re standing on the peak and discovering your next challenge to tackle.

If you ever find yourself questioning what direction you want to take, I’m telling you–just cross something off the list. My post-college years have taught me so much about shifting from a future-focused social life to a present-focused everything.

The moment I stopped living in a stagnate state, I finally realized how fast I had always been moving.


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