Finding (and Redefining) Your Tribe

I went to the première of Age of Ultron downtown with roughly eleven others. The day after going to see the film, everyone met back up to hang out and fangirl for a day. I really think that’s the best way to put it. No, it wasn’t a session to declare how attractive someone was. We were analyzing and questioning character arcs/motives.  Overall thoughts, comparisons to the comics, etc. It was such an enriching discussion.

But more so than anything, I keep taking in the room. Here we were, a group of women munching on grub from various local restaurants, just geeking out. Brief discussions of work life (meeting an actual astronomer was quite thrilling), the high school days (I found another product of the private school system) and celebration for it being the weekend kept us lively. Introductions consisted of your name, online handles and all the fandoms you considered yourself a part of. First, genius idea. Second, why don’t we do this everywhere? After finding out that we all write in our free time, the conversations shifted to side projects.

Finding your community–or as I prefer it, your tribe–is such an important part of maturity. It’s not that you will always agree with everything said. But having that trustworthy sounding board is so useful. Knowing I have a wonderful mix of opinions and questions means I have a group to call me out. If I commit to a project, it’s not just this virtual group (though I love you all) I have to answer to. I now have a group of women who can walk up to me and say, “Fetesha, what gives?”

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