Threadless Swag Feature Image

C2E2 Part 4: Geeky Swag Galore

I’m always hesitant to do these sort of posts. Not because I don’t enjoy them, but because it’s very easy to tip into the “hey, look at my stuff” category. While I’ve hopefully not transitioned into that area, feel free to call me out on it if it ever seems that way. 

I mentioned in my last C2E2 recap that I scored an Orphan Black goodie. But the Threadless after party continued that awesome trajectory. When the event was being promoted, it was mentioned that the first 150 attendees were scoring a Loot Crate. That’s pretty much all I had to hear. Being within the first 13 people secured my spot (by a sad degree), so I could actually take in the moment. I own many Threadless t-shirts and was so okay with staring at all the artwork on the walls and the coolest t-shirt display ever.

While we waited for the doors to open (yay for outdoor lines), staff eventually came out with free Red Bulls. I feel like this is an appropriate moment to a) remind you all that I’m diabetic and b) announce that I have highly caffeinated beverages about 8 times a year. You can imagine what the next half hour was like for me. Side note: does Red Bull always taste like pixie stick soda?

Threadless Tote Bag

I adore tote bags, and the bag I had on me was packed with merch from C2E2, so that was a delightful surprise.

Threadless Swag

I love parking humor, so the bumper sticker will be used quite happily on family and friends alike. I always snag business cards, so there’s a few of those. The Threadless 2015 desk calendar was cool. My co-worker Chelle has this at her desk, so mine’s being used at home as wall decor in a collage I’m working on. Finally, we were able to grab a few editions of the art magazine, Faesthetic. The designs are an eclectic mix of what you’d expect from Threadless designs. I love dissecting each page.


Here’s a secret: the Loot Crate we received was the December 2014 “Anniversary” theme.

Loot Crate Contents

My favorite contents? The Joker Batman, Groot socks and Tetris stickers. While I share a car, I don’t drive it 90% of the time, so the Captain America Air Freshener was a miss. Never followed The Simpsons (I can hear the comments already) and I’m not a big DC fan (shut up; I know, “but Joker Batman?”). I’m a frequent Viki/DramaFever user, so crunchyroll is not of interest now. Read a more thorough breakdown here.

Threadless Blood Drive

Now, you all know I love causes. So I have to make sure to push this event that Threadless is holding in collaboration with Heartland Blood Centers.


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