We Day Illinois 2015

First of all, the event will be airing on ABC this August, so I’m going to share some general thoughts of the day. We Day came to Illinois for the first time this year. For one day, thousands of students and their teachers celebrated their efforts for social change and other ways to better the world. Selena Gomez was the host, and many celebrities and community leaders spoke and/or performed.

I learned about so many amazing organizations. The origins of Feed the Children and Me to We are so impressive. A teen seeing the tragedy of another across the planet AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So many times we can start change by acting. And some many times, we hold ourselves back.

Seeing the Allstate Arena packed with students, who only got in by invitation due to the work in their communities was such a brilliant thing to take in.

#WeDay has started! @weday @Allstate

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I purchased one of the Empowerment Collection Rafiki bracelets. These are handmade by women in Kenya. Each purchase sends a baby chick to support a woman’s income. Even better, you get a tracking code to track your gift’s impact. You learn about exactly what community the chick is being sent to and statistics on how this will benefit the community.

I’m trying my hardest not to spoil too much about the event, because you really have to see what went down to take it all in. I really want to see more efforts like this local. How does your community encourage, and highlight, the efforts youth can make to enrich the lives of those around them?


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