GeekBarDLC, New Schedule and Other News

I wanted to make sure I disclosed I’m now a contributing writer for Geek Bar DLC. When the opportunity came up to collaborate with Geek Bar Chicago, I had to jump on it. I love what they are trying to do for the Chicago geek community and what they’ve accomplished thus far.

My focus is on awesome crowdfunding campaigns, both local and national/international. My first article is up for those interested. I discuss the awesome campaign, Comics Uniting Nations. I never thought the words United Nations and comics would ever cross–but there you go.

That, along with some offline projects, is the reason my posting schedule has changed. On this website, blog posts will now be coming out Thursdays through Sundays. For my music blog, posts will be every Monday. This change will keep me sane. I value my sanity quite highly.

I’m sponsoring a little boy in Ecuador and received my first letter from him a few days ago. The innocent way of seeing the world has me thinking¬†about everything from verbiage to collaboration opportunities. I miss being in grade school and seeing life the way he does. Also, I feel like his open passion for soccer means I need to get re-updated on…everything. lol.

The Sounding Board Graphic

So I’ve been seeing links to State Zero pop up on my news feeds and figured it was worth passing it on as well.

Movie Pilot did an awesome article on theorizing who will be on what side in Captain America: Civil War.

Yamasong: March of the Hollows. I’m not giving any spoilers (read that: hints). Just watch the trailer.


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