Orphan Black Check In

Wow. So tonight’s episode just ended a few minutes ago and I’m reminded why I love following this show (and participating in the fandom) so intensely. While I tend to go crazy over live tweeting–because it really is becoming an addiction to me–I just keep finding myself shouting “no way” or “why would you..?” at the television.

Helena continues to crack me up for all the right (and sometimes wrong) reasons. Gracie has been an interesting addition to the mix. It’s odd to see Felix trying to tone down a partier. Cosima makes my heart ache because I want the absolute best for her. And Pupok? Yeah, I go back and forth. The Castor clones intrigue me. However, I appreciate the fact that, while we are definitely seeing more of them, it’s not taking away from Project Leda.

Finally, #TeamHendrix4Life because Alison is always on the ball. If I could have her and Felix do another collaboration it would make my day. Maybe with mangoes?

2 thoughts on “Orphan Black Check In

  1. Dāsha says:

    Hi Fetesha,

    I nominated your blog for the liebster award. Please respond to the nomination by commenting on post on windycitywardrobe.com

  2. Dāsha says:

    Hi Fetesha!

    I nominated your blog for the liebster award. Please visit the post on windycitywardrobe.com and comment to let me know if you accept the nomination.


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