Changing from Inside

Wow. This has been an intense week. Again, I’m left with such a powerful sense of hope. That word kept getting tossed around as I sat in the Homan Square Community Center in North Lawndale earlier this week. I participated in my first documentary and I’m proud that it was for something so worthwhile.

A coworker shared a video with me last week. And in the video, I witnessed something that made me cry. Bill Strickland was speaking at Chicago Ideas Week. I hadn’t heard of Bill before, but I had attended Chicago Ideas Week for the first time last year and knew what sort of speakers were invited. For roughly 15 minutes, I listened to someone share a simple solution to a complicated problem.

I’ve spoken previously about my growing realization that a community is changed by every member taking action. So when I found myself listening to how this concept is now being brought to Chicago, I was excited. Meeting Bill, some fellow supporters and potential participants, it started becoming real. Spending two hours discussion what this is going to mean for the community and why it matters, it reinforced why I work daily to help make a change.

I adore learning about people. What brought them to today and where they want to be years from now. I can’t wait to find out how far they all go. While Bill’s goal is to replicate this in 100 cities within the US and 100 cities abroad, I really just want this to be a natural occurrence everywhere. Treat people with respect, in each facet of their live. Period.

What do you feel when you hear a concept like this? Is there something you see as an obstacle?


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