Thoughts on Tonight’s Orphan Black Episode

So, again I’m almost completely speechless at an Orphan Black episode. Add in a dose of emotional and a pinch of clarity–you have my heart in a nutshell now. Man, I’m still trying to process everything.

We had many questions answered and numerous others added to the mix. We lost a main character. New perspectives on those we’ve been iffy about thus far. I mean, I actually pitied Rachel for a moment (or five). The hints to her storyline seem obvious now looking back.

#TeamHendrix once again provided us with some much-needed laughs. I will not be able to get that dance party out of my head for at least a good week. Cosima is still riding that line of great awareness and avoiding the difficult questions. You can tell she’s not trusting Shay completely, yet seems to expose her heart more than I’d expect this time around.

I don’t want to spoil anything on the episode’s ending. Already feel like I did too much on Twitter. However, it’s put me in quite the state and I’m just waiting to see the fallout next weekend.

I’ve never been happier that I picked up this show as soon as that first preview hit BBC America. Worth every moment.


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