What Being a Fangirl Means to Me

This question was brought up while the FANGIRL Kickstarter campaign was wrapping up last week. I wasn’t able to put a video together in time, but thought it was a great idea to ponder. I’ve spoken before on finding your tribe and it’s nice to take yet another step back for thought.

We all have that one thing that triggers our need to get others engaged with our interests. For me, it’s always been a fantastic story. Be it the plot of a series, franchise or that of the people behind the scenes–storytelling means life to me. It’s a poignant way to both take a snapshot of the world at present and serve as an inspiration for the world to come.

Shakespeare was the start for me. I was in 2nd grade. I remember making my weekly trip to the public library with my mother. I had wanted to read one of his original works because I loved the sound of Old English. After the children’s librarian refused to let me check it out, because “it would be too difficult to understand”, my mother stepped in. 

There we were, walking up those ominous stairs to the adult section on the third floor. She took us straight to the check out desk, requested the same book I had wanted and passed it over to me for everyone to see.

“If she wants to read Shakespeare, she’s going to read Shakespeare. Let her come here again to ask for it and have issues.”

I never did have a problem after that. They even started contacting us when new releases were coming out. Whenever we dropped the books back off, I gave the staff recaps of my favorite books. I knew then and there that words would be my weapon. And even more so, my mother is the coolest person in Earth.

To me, being a fangirl means I do everything in my power to support and promote others innovating pop culture for the better. 


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