Coworkers Make the Office

Do you ever have those days in the office where everyone is just in a funny mood? Not bad. Not inappropriate. It’s just one of those “this is definitely a Friday” days. The number of times I said, “you really need a reality show” today had to break a record.

Let’s face it. When you are able to walk into your work place and don’t had your coworkers, it makes life better already. We’ve all had those horror stories. Someone is always rude for no reason. Another person doesn’t choose to acknowledge the concept of personal space, etc.

We just had our phone system switched over. Well, I should actually say that it’s almost done being switched over. While we were waiting to be able to send and receive calls again, voicemail stories started being swapped. The winner was hands down one a coworker has received more than once. Her friend called to see if she was interested in going to lunch, only to say “I can’t make it” when she confirmed she still wanted to.

Yesterday, we all had a weird case of the giggles for no explainable reason. Today, we were treated to pizza by the CEO. I just appreciate the fact that when it gets highly stressful–we do what needs to get done, but are also there for each other. I know who to go to when I need a laugh, someone to vent to or someone to geek out with for a second.

We had one of the new interns touring the office yesterday. It was interesting to overhear her reaction during a comparison to another organization. Though we can easily fall into finding the monotony of our office culture, there’s something to be said about the little things we take for granted.

We’re quick to toss out buzzwords like “one of a kind perks” and “exclusive benefits” when we talk big-ticket corporations. However, if you get the right people together, you don’t need a big budget to draw employees in and make the day enjoyable.

As long as I have one of the teas, hot water and cup at the office–I’m 95% done with the day’s perk requirement.


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