#VoteAlisonHendrix Take One

SPOILERS: I have no filter with this show anymore. So unless you aren’t bothered by them as well, I’d skip this post for now.

Wow. The newest episode of Orphan Black just ended and I’m once again left with many thoughts. First of all, appreciated that this episode a) gave us some relief from last week’s big bombshells and b) wove #TeamHendrix back into the mix.

So we finally met Alison’s mom. Hilarious as a bystander. Nightmare for reality. As other #CloneClub fans mentioned, “this explains so much”.

Yeah. That confrontation finally happened. Still not sure where I stand on Shay. I appreciate her support, but that whole eavesdropping moment could read a few different ways. Too early to decide just yet.

Although there were some unexpected detours, Alison dropped the mic for her campaign speech. Wishing I had my own hat to wear as I yell at the television and fist pump no one…because: friends.

And when you push Alison, she rips the band-aid right off, am I right?

So yeah. It’s another victory for the Orphan Black season. In one word:

2 thoughts on “#VoteAlisonHendrix Take One

  1. Fetesha Downs says:

    I’m so intrigued with the way Rachel will handle things. I have no doubt her old personality is alive and strong–she just has a new direction to send it in. I know that Donnie’s name was referenced in one of the latest comics, per CloneCast. Still an interesting reveal all the same.

    I remember Jordan mentioning that. I’m really curious to see if we have yet another Leda clone in an even higher position that Rachel and/or another faction entirely. Mrs. S reaction to that show down was golden.

  2. M.G. Guyton says:

    This episode left me with questions as well. I hope that Rachel has some answers and is going to just be a doll and tell Sarah what they are (maybe she only wants to tell her because she just wants to get a chance to shove a pencil in her eye too, but I have hope.) I’m worried about Cosima and not because of Shay; at this point I genuinely think she will show herself to be a good person and she is going to have her mind blown when she finds out more about Cosima’s family, but I think she can handle it because of the way she took the news of Cosima’s illness.

    Finding out Donnie’s real last name (at least I think this is the first time we’re hearing it) to me was the big surprise of the episode, I mean wow! That is of course until I watched the preview for the next episode. New Clone!? I sort of wish I hadn’t done that too. My wife always turns it off before the preview…but I just had to see. We are going to get new clones, it’s always been likely. At the OB C2E2 panel, Jordan Gavaris hypothesized that there are or were at least 100 Leeda clones, since that is a commonly used base number in scientific experiments or something like that. Who knew Fe read Science Daily? Anyway, so much stuff swirling about to build up on and it is exciting. I thought the wild west scene with Mrs. S and Helena was sort of beautiful too.


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