Blondies of Melbourne

I can’t take credit for discovering , though I wish that was indeed the case. That honor goes to Andreja over at Nicolle’s Dreams (a phenomenally talented BJD faceup artist). She had uploaded an Instagram photo of a recent hair color change:

Now, since I’m always hunting for new inspirations when it comes to hair, I immediately went to the tagged account. And then, my mind was blown. This wasn’t your typical salon. Well, in my world, at least.

Peeping pastel rainbow braid by @blondieshair on @andreja

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From natural and drab to coloured and fab!! By @blondieshair

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Understanding hair color is one thing. Being a great colorist is another. But, even more so, playing with layers and styles to showcase that work is impressive. Vibrant, alternative colors have become a larger “mainstream” trend over the last decade or so. Right now, it’s a ton of pastels and or unique layering work like the pixellated style below:

(Photo credit: Revlon) 

Blondies’ variety of work can be as subtle or extreme as the client is willing to take it. I can only hope to one day sit in a chair (when I decide to grow my hair back out) and have someone go wild.


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