5 Design Inspirations

So, as is my life, I dedicated a few hours on Pinterest after popping online to look up one recipe I had bookmarked. Because, let’s be honest–it just takes a single hilarious/breathtaking image to make you pause and you’re done for.

I think I spent a good 4-5 minutes taking this one in. Color contrast is such a simple decision and yet, it requires some thought to really make it work. You can get lost in tints and shades for hours. The tangerine shade just pops. The font choice for the number 33 draws your eye and forces you to take the entire outline in.

I don’t know I didn’t think of this before because it’s such a smart idea. Okay, that’s a lie. I have to be in the right mood to not dice the entire piece of cheese for consumption. However, in polite company, it would be nice to have these on hand to spruce up a meal.

I think the piece speaks for itself. Creating a universal message is every marketers dream. You want to make it memorable in the fastest way possible. While also brand-consistent. This isn’t just a simple comparison of two things. Something as simple as making the center edges link up expands the message and keeps it a cycle.

Design does more than making something look great or giving a message. It can solve problems. If you’ve done any sort of task that requires working with corners, I know the ruler above looks like a dream come true. Simple solution to a simple (and frustrating) problem.

This feels like a nice combination of the previous design goals: look, function, message and solution. It says, “I’m clean and stylish.” And you know what? So am I.


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