Adventures of the Week

Ever have one of those weeks where you give yourself a pat on the back for making it through? Not because it was a horrible experience–it just turned out to be greatly exhaustive. So many projects accomplished, new partnerships in the works, happiness at the changing weather and that sudden realization that I have no summer wardrobe…again.

As I’m listening to a motorcycle pulling into the garage below me (it sounds like someone is walking around with a chainsaw), it’s really hit that it’s summer. I mean, sure, the apartment complex finally switched on the A/C and we have had weather in the 50s–but technically, it’s summer all the same.

I’m finally going to attend the local farmer’s market. There’s nothing like fresh produce and local products. You taste the satisfaction immediately and supporting local business is awesome.

Also, there’s now an Iron Man phone out. I will never pay the asking price. However, I’d pull a Tony Stark impression in a heartbeat, given the chance.

Do I deny that my fandom is being milked? Nope. I just refuse to be offended this is now easier to discover in a store.