An International Take on Small Business: Alibaba Group

For the unaware, Jack Ma of Alibaba Group is now in the U.S. to encourage American small businesses to embrace their foreign consumers, specifically the vast (and continuously growing) Chinese middle class shoppers. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an event where Jack Ma, along with American Express CEO and Chairman Ken Chenault, discussed the opportunities and struggles of small business.

Although the conversation lasted only an hour, there were so many takeaways. The statistics were staggering and the real life examples proved just how powerful one person’s idea can be. Collaboration may be among the current round of industry buzz words. However, it doesn’t change that it’s a reality in today’s work. Look no further than your basic grant application. The larger dollars are going to those who work together. Ma’s big push, outside of encourage more commerce with the Chinese population, was how powerful technology is as a resource.

I live-tweeted the event and will post the stream chronologically below:


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