So That Just Happened…

Spoiler warning as usual.


I mean, the Orphan Black episode just wrapped up and my mind is blown. We now know whom the original Castor and Leda clones are. People died rather viciously again. Definitely among the most brutal deaths shown in a while. Yet again, I found myself laughing and gasping in fear at the same time.

While we are now aware of vital information, there’s still so much to get through. If, and how, Project Castor and Project Leda will come together. Each of the organization’s using them–what will occur? Now that the clones are more aware of the situation, are they (the overall antagonists) going to try to end them? Find another way to pit everyone against each other?

How is Mrs. S going to process the last few puzzle pieces that just came to life? That’s a lot to take in, even with her knowing so much. And Kira…how is she going to work back into the story? There’s only one more episode left of this season and I’m dying to tackle just a few more facts. I am already trying to prepare for the stress the hiatus will put me in.

Another victory for Orphan Black.