To Cell or Not to Cell

I’m finally at that stage in my career where more than one phone number is necessary. In this case, it’s having both an office phone and a cell phone. Ironic, in that I despise being on the phone in general. Necessary, in that I need to be able to multitask on personal and professional accounts simultaneously. However, this also puts me in a very happy place. Since I was able to select the next model I wanted for the work phone, I’ve been drooling over what model I want to use next for a personal cell (one I finish paying the current one off).

I see no point in having two of the same model. So selecting a “new” OS to learn was a huge deciding factor. My current consideration? The OnePlusOne. Now, before anyone jumps on me, I’m completely aware that CyanogenMod is based on the Android platform. Hence the “new” in quotes. The phone is beautiful and that price just can’t be beat. The one aspect of the Android ecosystem I’ve always appreciated in the ability to deeply customize your experience.

The LG G4 is another one I’m considering for similar reasons. If the display is a decent size, I’m not going to have issues with my main SNS apps and it won’t take forever to pay off the unlocked phone–I’m in. Thanks to smart phones being the investment that they are, it takes me forever to switch over. I don’t believe in jumping to the next big think just because I can swing the cash. This is a unique opportunity that’s going to let me further experiment with OS and overall functionality between models.

Let me know if there’s another smart phone you’re really impressed with/thinking about. I’m still a few months out before making a final decision and love hearing what others are watching out for.

The Sounding Board Graphic

The Nintendo World Championships are now live streaming on YouTube, for anyone interested.


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