It’s Pouring All Right…

As I hear the leak from the window, rain water rushing down to my carpet as I hope the towel soaks it in well enough until maintenance can come back and reseal everything again…I’m reminded that I live in Chicagoland and it’s the summer. It seems to be a right of passage that you complain and exclaim over the weather weekly. It stinks if the humidity’s bad, but don’t even think of raining too hard. We don’t want the flooding either.

With the chaos of the morning train, tonight’s Blackhawks’ game that’s sure to have post-game hype beyond belief, and my sincere hope the storms don’t cause a power outage–it’s good to be home. I always say, “when you’re picking a place to live, you’re really just selecting the natural disaster you’re willing to endure”. I’m waiting out three different flash flood warnings, so I’ll leave the real inspiration for tomorrow.

One thought on “It’s Pouring All Right…

  1. M.G. Guyton says:

    I feel you. My wife and I moved to Chicago from Oklahoma City a couple years ago and while the Winter was and adjustment, it was nothing compared to the misery of a softball sized hail storm. 👓

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