It’s About Time That #LoveWins

Can I just say how absolutely happy I was to wake up this morning and hear the announcement of the US Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage? It’s such a long time coming and I’m so happy to see this day come into fruition and for ALL 50 STATES! So many family members and friends have been wait for this day. I can only imagine what the Chicago Pride Parade will be like this weekend with the extra dose of excitement. It’s no secret that I’m an ally for the LGBTQ community. Heck, I’m demisexual myself.

#LoveWins is all over the media. However, as many others have stated, this is just one more pillar down in a long line of equality issues. Still, let’s embrace the moment for what it is–a great triumph that, in my opinion, should never have been a question in the first place. Human rights are human rights. Here’s the the next mission!