Look at How the Syrup Runs!

So I like food. It keeps me alive. There’s so much to choose from. And, most of all, some of it is downright breathtaking to look at. That’s right. Tonight, I’m going full-foodie on you all.

French Onion soup is one of only two recipes I eat…ever (the other being turkey sausage, lentil and kale from Potbelly’s). There’s something about the scent of fresh French bread with caramelized onions, buried underneath a healthy coat of cheese that’s pouring over the sizes of a hearty bowl. Whether it’s 85* outside or the dead of winter, it makes you think of home and a day spent in bed.

You know that moment where you realize it would be awesome to combine everything you love together in one moment of perfection? No? Well, for me, this sandwich would be it. The color layers are exquisite and I can already taste the herbal blend with a fusion of salt and artisan cheese. Yum.

I love a great cake and in places like the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, etc. there’s this fantastic habit of using a lighter frosting–often made of whipped cream. Others include accents like thin chocolate garnish painstakingly cut to the perfect angle. Just enough sweetness to understand it’s a dessert, but soft enough on your stomach to not feel like you’ve over eaten. Add some detail to making the dessert an experience like delicate cinnamon or powdered sugar placed just so.


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