Crime Scene 2: South Korean Show

So I’ve just started binge watching the South Korean reality show, Crime Scene 2. It’s like CSI meets Clue. You have six celebrities, with one being a special guest. Each episode is a new case, based on real events. The stars each assume a role prior to the episode, with a card describing their role and if they are playing the actual criminal or not. The one thing we know is that whichever cast member is assigned to be the detective is innocent. Anyone else is fair game.

The episode begins with a reenactment of the events leading up to the crime. Before we can see the killer, we are then presented with the set. Every location pertinent to the events is mapped out in a large sound stage and the white tape on the floor shows blueprint guidelines. The episode’s detective reviews the crime scene and does an initial search for evidence. After taking notes and photographs with the Polaroid camera, the suspects are called to the scene.

This is where it gets to be like Clue. The cast members are trying to solve the case while also staying in character. So in the midst of gradually revealing their character’s part in the case, everyone is making off the cuff remarks (as themselves or their character). You’re laughing as hard as you are trying to figure it out from home. The viewers in Korea have the ability to vote live on who they think the criminal is and among those who vote correctly, there’s a chance to win a prize. So you’re guessing the criminal, seeing how other viewers are interpreting the case, and watching the cast point fingers.

Clues are hidden all over the set and interrogations are happening throughout the episode. In the detective’s office are a series of lockers for each character. The cast votes by attaching handcuffs to the bar inside the locker, with the detective’s vote counting as two votes. Once the cast finishes voting, the character’s no one voted for are revealed and excluded from further events. The character who receives the most votes and then placed in a fake jail cell on the set.

The cast members who voted for the character step forward. If they are correct, everyone receives a $1,000 (USD) prize and the detective $2,000 (if he/she chose the respective criminal). If the person chosen was in fact not the criminal, that cast member gets all the prize money. Not too shabby, right? The real criminal is then revealed and we see the hilarious fallout.

The viewers at home then see a reenacted of the full crime, since as I stated before, these episodes are based on real cases. The episode concludes with the cast members selecting roles for the next episode (sans any back story) and finding out who the new special guest is. Viewers see a sneak peek of the next episode and it ends.

I would love if we had a show like this Stateside. These sort of shows usual freak me out. I get too anxious and end up with nightmares related to the storyline. No, I’m not embarrassed to admit that. The blend of a heavy storyline, with candid comedy from the cast, keeps it quite engaging. Not to mention observing how local viewers are reacting in real-time and if they agree with the cast or not.


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