Help Save Geek Bar Chicago!

I heard about the news a few days ago and wanted to make sure to do my part in helping to spread the word. Now, let me start with the disclosure that I am a contributing writing for Geek Bar DLC. It’s a volunteer position at this point, but I want to be completely transparent in my bias regarding the situation. 

$20,000 ASAP. That’s the goal of the current GoFundMe campaign. As of this post, they’ve received $7,612. From what the staff has shared, there were a series of hiccups that caused them to do a second crowdfunding campaign. Things like issues getting the final permits in time for the construction to continue, other bills, etc. caused things to come to a halt (behind the scenes) to assess how to continue forward in a profitable way after this money is raised. It can take just one road block to cause a ripple effect.

Speaking from experience, I know how painful and stressful it can get when you’re business suddenly goes under. Unlike my situation, there’s a giant community that not only want to see this succeed, but have the means to help keep it afloat. The staff is working hard to make do with the current resources. Fans are rallying together to help raise the immediate funds needed these next few days and continue spreading the word around the national community. It may be physically located in Chicago, but it’s so amazing to see just how far the impact is being felt.

This is not just a nice place to visit, this is quickly becoming a central hub for the Chicago geek community. I’ve been able to meet such amazing people and find out about other organizations I would have otherwise never interacted with. Writing for the DLC has also reawakened my passion for writing and creativity in general. Amazing things were done after the first Kickstarter campaign. But powerful change can really take off if they get the help needed to sustain.

Some of the ideas that have been shared (past and present) are what made me interested in this company to begin with. There are so many people like myself who want an offline community to join. I adore the digital network I have, but there’s something really special about seeing the same people face-to-face. Brainstorming ways to continue enriching the community and demonstrating why I proudly where the title of “geek”.

I’m asking you to share this campaign with your own network however you feel comfortable. Because it’s not just about the money needed to keep the doors open. It’s about exemplifying how strong the geek community is. In addition to the GoFundMe campaign, Geek Bar is also hosting a special event this Saturday. You can find more information here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic rest of your day.


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