Internet Wins: Fun Finds of the Moment

Sometimes, you’re just sitting on the computer not looking for anything in particular. After a series of clicks, you stumble upon a few gems that you just have to bookmark. These made me smile and I thought you all might enjoy them:

  • Typewriter Simulator: If there’s one thing I miss about playing around with my aunt’s typewriter, gaining accuracy in my typing would be it. The convenience of a backspace button is underrated at times. Yes, it’s downright frustrating when you have to take a few minutes to retype a sentence. But when that meant starting the entire page over? You learned to get better rather fast.
  • Logo Lounge 2015 Trend Report: I heard about this in a graphic design podcast I just started listening to. There’s definitely something interesting to be said about the trends in logo design and the myriad of directions designers go, even with a few small similarities.
  • 50 Most Used Words in the English language: All the words to choose from, but some you just can’t escape.
  • National Mustard Museum: I was listening to an episode of the Nerdist podcast and this website was referenced. My knowledge of mustard is smaller than previously anticipated. Seeing all these options feels like an unwritten challenge to see how many recipes I can create.
  • Lazerwood Keyboards: The aesthetic of these feeds my industrial layout dreams. The clean design is just eye-catching. The website also offers iPhone cases, as well as a cover for Beats headphones. Though, as overpriced as the latter is, not sure I’d want to add something on top of each. To each their own…


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