Headphones to the Wind: Music News Highlights

There were a few news items in the world of music that caught my attention. I couldn’t decide on one, so let’s look through a quick highlight of what’s been interesting.

Foals + GoPro = 360 degree video

I’ve seen a lot of these videos recently, especially in the Kpop/Jpop niches. See exhibit A:


If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s my lack of embarrassment for loving Yoshiki of X Japan. To put that in a less-creepy, more mature way–I love his work. And as most of his fans know, he tends to go all out when announcing a new endeavor. While this is a relaunch, the monthly live broadcast/video content will be a joy to members.

14 Epic Music Festivals

I think you can learn so much about a culture through its music. So when Mashable shared this article last year (which I only discovered this weekend), it was so interesting to read up on these events. Regardless of length, the crowds are massive and the energy has to be amazing. Festivals are the kind of situation that give attendees an adrenaline boost x1,000.

What’s exciting in your world of music this week so far?


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