Music Mondays: Aya Sato and Bambi

This was the video that started it all. I was blown away by the synchronization and general attitude they give off. There’s a reason “dancer” is part of my alias and this is a level I only wish I could have achieved.

During one of my YouTube binges, I stumbled upon the awesomeness that I later found out is Aya and Bambi. You might recognize them from the live performances of Madonna’s recent singles, including “Living for Love“. Maybe the Vogue Short Wedding Dress Inspiration video?

The rhythm they move with is fantastic. It’s not even that the moves are necessarily that complicated. But as most dancers know, it’s all about the execution.

The Sounding Board Graphic

Funny story. I actually discovered this duo over the last week thanks to a series of random dance video clips that started with this international Vogue Femme competition. Now, before I get my head ripped off about the origination of Vogue and if Aya and Bambi fall into that category…I know. That was covered extensively in the comment section of every video I watched and lead to some very informative article reviews.

Regardless of feelings, I think the entire subculture behind this is so talented and am glad it’s been getting the attention it deserves in mainstream media. If you have any other video recommendation, please send them my way! I love getting more knowledge of the different branches of dance.

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