I Remember You (South Korean Drama) Review

Is a monster born or the victim of circumstance?

That’s the question South Korean drama, I Remember You, aims to discuss. The show just finished airing not too long ago and it’s available in its entirety on Viki.com.

Can you feel the intensity?

I accidentally stumbled upon this awesome show about 3 episodes in. As the episodes progressed, I was quickly reminded how hard it is to wait an entire week for a new episode vs. binge watching an entire season. Thankfully, for all of you, there’s no wait.

So here’s the rundown. Criminal profiler Lee Hyun returns to Korea after years abroad. He suffers from severe memory loss during his childhood after witnessing his father’s murder by a man named Lee Joon-Young and the unknown outcome of his brother Min’s disappearance that same night. He does remember meeting the killer before the event, but everything else is like a puzzle piece that just doesn’t fit.

After receiving hints about a murder that might reveal his past, he comes to Korea and crosses paths with a local police department. Among the team is Cha Ji-An, a female officer whose past is also tied to that same murderer. Her father was in the vehicle during Lee Joon-Young’s prison escape, never to be heard from again.

The missing people turn out to be not as far away from expected. In a solid script that does a wonderful balance between comedy and crime thriller, it was hard to see it end. There’s a different case being addressed almost every episode, but each moment ties into the overall story arch. You end up feeling pity, if not outright remorse, for even the darker characters in the plot.

Don’t get me wrong, the number of bad childhood stories can feel overwhelming at times, but each relationship makes you consider the complex dynamics and repercussions of human nature. I really enjoyed everyone’s acting. Park Bo-Gum and Seo In-Guk made me tear up repeatedly. Choi Won-Young made my skin crawl even when I could see why his decisions played out.

Even if you don’t find yourself on one specific side of the nature vs. nurture argument at the end of the series, I really think you’ll find it impressive in terms of storytelling. I’m not even a fan of crime dramas normally. This just really caught my attention.

Let me know if you check it out!

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