Adjusting to the Unexpected

Hello, everyone! It feels like a decade since I’ve been online. I had an unplanned minor surgery and am finally well enough to post again. Spending the last few days catch up on…everything, really…means there’s a lot to cover (beyond the queue of product reviews). Let’s discuss a few immediate subjects that popped across my social media feeds!

Apple Announcements

Don’t see the point in the Apple Pro for two main reasons: 1) if I need a screen that big, I’ll use my laptop/desktop and 2) I agree with the consensus that the Surface Pro gives some better feature comparison. I’m saying that as a daily Apple user (though I love all OS options). I’m looking at LG for my next phone upgrade, so the iPhone is the least of my concerns. Still great that the evolution continues, but nothing really made me go, “I MUST BUY THIS!”

liftUPlift Launch

My friends Corielle and Rachel finally launched their non-profit, liftUPlift and are running an Indiegogo campaign to help fundraise initial costs. I’m completely biased as the Fundraising Chair, but am so proud of this taking off. I remember, not even a year, when Corielle first told me about her plans. You can learn more about their work by visiting the official website and this recent interview with #100WOMENCHI.

Quirky Goes Bankrupt

I know that it was pretty clear things were going this way for a while, but I’m still so bummed. I had enjoyed watching the process for each project and tossing in my ideas for taglines/taking surveys. There was a great deal of insight into how product creation really works.

Music to My Ears

Of course, I’m going to end this with a few music videos. This is me we’re talking about. Here are a few recent tracks to grace my ears. Hopefully something catches your attention as well!


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