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Kickstarter Review: Better Back

FTC Disclaimer: I paid for this with my money and have received no compensation for giving a review of any kind. All thoughts are my own.

I was so excited to see this package waiting for me when I got home. I’m very picky about crowdfunding campaigns I support, but when I do–I spread the word however I can. For the duration of the campaign, backers received constant tips on posture health and ergonomics. The fact that this small product would use my body to get me back to my posture of ballet classes past had me backing it in no time. Now I’m obviously no expert when it comes to medical issues, so please take this and any of my comments below with a grain of salt…

The Better Back was a simple concept that, if executed correctly, would mean a huge difference for those concerned with back problems and spinal alignment. You wear the device when sitting upright and it forces your spine into a straight alignment. The device’s built-in zipper allows you to easily stow it away as you travel. Looking at it in person, there are even direction indicators sewn into each side so that you don’t hurt yourself.

After the minor accident I was in a few years ago, my lower back is always in a state of awkward pain. What I mean by that is, I can’t “pop” it when necessary. There’s this constant tense pressure that just builds for weeks and once I get the temporary relief, the process started all over again.

Better Back Product Image

I’ve tested this out all weekend so I’d have some real user feedback and not just a big fangirl moment. I’ll show how to put the device on in a future video, but I think it’s easy to visualize. The zipper you see in the photo above goes around in a “U” shape. After fully un-zipping it, the straps (with built-in knee pads) slip out.

In the upper left and right corners, there are the direction indicators for which side should be facing up. You simply slide the rectangular product around your lower back. Making sure your feet are firmly situated on the ground (heels included), you simply slide each knee pad on and use the adjustment straps for each leg to tighten it as necessary. With the device designed this way, your lower body is applying the force that pulls your lower spine forward.

So instead of the hunched position so many of us fall into in front of the computer, it’s a ripple effect that straightens your spine and rolls your shoulders back. Although 15 minutes increments are recommended, I’ve been wearing it when I’m sitting and I’m already finding myself making a concerted effort to correct myself when it’s off.

Even better, each time I remove it and get up, I can immediately pop my spine again. That alone made the price worth it. I know it will take a few months to see some serious results, but this is such a simple way to get myself back on the same path I had as a young athlete.

To find out more and pre-order your own Better Back, visit

Concluding Thoughts

Better Back Package Inserts

This entire campaign was handled with such attention to detail. From the regular tips, promoting other campaigns that would probably align with backer interest and immediate follow-up on any questions–I wasn’t surprised that the goal was met.

Katherine put a lot of thought into her packaging. It might be too hard to tell in the feature image above, but the black type actually consists of support names. How awesome is that? My current game of “find your name” is going strong. lol.

We all know how important posture and health is. I’m consistently reviewing campaigns and prototypes that would help me stay healthy while working on the computer all day. Outside of the needed exercise and time away from the screen, the ability to multitask is still important. I’m very curious to see how other backers and future consumers take this.

The immediacy of relief lets me know that whatever Katherine does next–I’ll be keeping a close eye on.


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