Marvel Collector Corps Villains

Marvel Collector Corps #3: Villains

This arrived just in time for Halloween. I’m going to admit it–I was more impressed that I recognized so many of the villains. I’m no Marvel aficionado, though I’m enjoying the process of learning more as I read more story arcs and watch the MCU. Let’s see what arrived this time.

Invincible Iron Man Comic

Another comic and I’m so happy that it’s Iron Man. Always look forward to the snark and tech fusion that is Tony Stark. He may be on the opposite side of where I stand for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, but I’ll forgive him for now. NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS.

Marvel Villains Tshirt

I stop my efforts for the mega t-shirt collection and this is what I get–the inspiration to keep it going. It’s still in the package for now until I do another video, but I love the nods to so many heavy hitters. And look, you can see Loki! We all know where I stand with him.

Marvel Villains Venom Bobble

A bobble. A Venom bobble. And you can just make out the key chain clasp above his head. I should make a Marvel themed key chain because of this. Look at that face and smile.

Marvel Villains Loki

LOKI. The end.

Marvel Villains Morbius

The one villain I know nothing about. I could just Google it, but where’s the fun in that? So here’s my new headcanon: Morbius, second-cousin (twice-removed) of Morpheus, just wanted to keep disco alive. Society did not agree and he was bitten in a fist-fight at Studio 54. He can now be found at your local IHOP screeching “Staying Alive” before pulling a True Blood on unsuspecting victims.

Sounds legit.

Marvel Villains Patch & Pin

And we don’t have a complete box without the pin and patch. Red Skull and the Green Goblin seem like worth honorees. It’s almost Christmas-themed if you stretch it–like, a two-month stretch.

Concluding Thoughts

I have my t-shirt and figurines. I knew all but one villain. My Marvel knowledge is continuing to grow. What’s not to love?


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