November in a Nutshell

Here I am at the keyboard again. I finally sat down and assess the happenings, both online and offline, that took my focus away for a bit. I’ve watched friends take off with new business ventures, had others move away for the next big hoorah, etc.

Staying Organized
Last December, I spent the month planning out the year’s topics. One per day with a standard theme. For the first few months, I really loved it. Outside of pulling supplemental links from different sources, it was a steady system. Which is why I think I changed it more and more as the year progressed.

There’s a regular debate in marketing on how much automation is helpful. Just yesterday I was chuckling over an article about a programmer who’d automated everything down to having a coffee pot brew his drink of choice in the exact number of seconds it would take to do so manually.

I used to write segments of my posts on paper before sitting down at the keyboard. Something about seeing everything in ink, with the imperfect phrasing and side notations, made me happy. Which is why I invested in an extra planner just for my creative endeavors. I find the sudden trend of going wild with a planner both entertaining and absolutely fascinating.

National Novel Writing Month
As a way to make sure I meet my goal of having my first draft of my first book completed by the end of this year, I promised myself I’d take part in #NaNoWriMo this year. The plan wasn’t to complete everything, just to keep that fire under my feet.

Between the regular email updates and fellow participants, it’s hard not to be inspired. I think the greatest comfort was the moment I remembered how powerful a community is. Everyone was completely cool with not questioning why I might hold some details close.

Social Media Week Chicago
I wasn’t originally planning to attend the event, just because the finances weren’t there. However, my employer was kind enough to offer me an extra ticket on hand. Needs to say, it was an absolute blast. I was able to meet some really cool people and had many takeaways.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a live tweeting fiend. I get a serious adrenaline rush covering events I attend and it was a blast to do so on behalf on my employer’s Twitter feed as well as my personal account. Heck, I pushed out so much content one day that I made my employer one of the top event tweeters for the day. fist pump

More than anything, the week was just a great reminder of how quickly trends changes. Last year, millennial were highlighted in almost every session. I even covered the topic in my own independent session. This year, we’re no longer the focus. The next generation and multicultural populations are the new focus.

Captain America: Civil War
I can’t end an update post without a bit of pop culture! I’m assuming you have either a) already watched the film trailer as many times as I have or b) will pause here to watch it and come back to this post. Tumblr is so running with the bromance and I can’t stop laughing over Andre’s (Black Nerd Comedy) fan review.

How is it so far away!? May needs to get here ASAP. I’m personally crossing my fingers and toes for a C2E2 appearance by any of the cast, along with the opportunity to personally interview said actors. Call me, C2E2. I’m on this!

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