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2017: The Year of Strategy

Hello, my lovely subscribers!

While blog posts have been light over the last year, I’ve been quite active on the website overall. Because I want to make sure you’re getting the best use out of it, I thought now would be the perfect time to walk you through my new approach and theme for the new year.

Reviews vs. Updates

Regardless of when you started following me, the blog been through several iterations. I’ve experimented with the layout of the site so many times and bounced between a number of subjects. What you might not have seen is the shift from posts to pages.

Some of you like my product reviews. Others want me to expand more on marketing best practices. And another group of your really just want me to restart the music reviews from years ago. That’s quite a diversified lists of subjects.

Rather than bore you with content you honestly don’t care about, I’ve created subject categories in the menu. These blog posts will turn into a quick list of new updates to the website, along with my occasional anecdotes.

I’ve done a similar setup on YouTube—one channel for reviews and another that will serve as a vlog of my journey to a healthier lifestyle. There are still a handful of backend changes I’m making on the site, so I’ll be sure to announce those in advance.

This Year’s Theme

As part of my new editorial calendar (more on that in the next update), I thought it was important to have an overarching theme for the year. I spent the last few weeks really narrowing it down until I was left with “strategy”.

When it comes to project management, strategizing is my absolute favorite part. There’s something so satisfying about brainstorming ideas and allowing the outcome to fall into place. That moment in creativity is one of the main threads that ties my different passions together.

Parting Thoughts

January’s posts focus on beginnings. If you have any questions or topics you’d like to be addressed, remember to email me at 2017 will be such a memorable year. I’m determined to make these positive memories that will bring a smile to my face and hope to each of yours as well.