April & May 2017 Recap

These last two months have completely altered my schedule—for both good and bad reasons. From a serious illness that wiped me out for weeks and now my new adventure as a grad student…it’s been quite the ride! Isn’t it funny how life does that to you? I was so sure in my expectations and yet this is the new path I’m on.

Let me know how this last month has been for you! I’m hoping it’s been great.

Career Outlook

Just for my privacy, I’m not going to share too many specifics about where I’m attending/my major. However, I’ll definitely be sharing my journey. It was sort of funny because I had done some digging on YouTube. Pretty sure that’s a norm these days…

But I was looking for blogs about the grad school life and most videos I came across were from women of color working on their doctorates! Hats off to everyone taking that on. I’m sticking with the master’s program for now. FYI: Reddit and The Grad Cafe are both great online resources for anyone else looking to take on graduate studies.

I can already tell that being a full-time working while attending grad school part-time will an adventure. I’m just finally excited to be in the right situation to allow for it.

Pop Culture

I’ve been on a South Korean variety show kick. My current favorites include: Knowing Brother, I Can See Your Voice and Fantastic Duo. Also, the last season of Orphan Black starts in June. Keep an eye out for my regular live tweets. I apologize in advances for the feeds I know will be flooded.

Music Recommendations

Whenever I take a break from podcasts, Spotify is my next sources for inspiring music. Regardless of the source, the rule is simply that it has to be a track that keeps me in an energetic mood. These are recent songs I adore:

“Wanli” by HYUKOH
“Rumor” by K.A.R.D.
“I Luv It” by PSY
“New Face” by PSY
“Telepathic” by STARSET
“Knocking Knocking” by The RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE