December 2017 Updates

December 2017 Recap

Well, this year just came and went in a flash...didn't it?! From starting grad school to kicking off my podcast to shifting work responsibilities, 2017 gave me ample time for growth and experimentation. The path I'm on today is nowhere in relation to where it used to be and I'm completely okay with that. I … Continue reading December 2017 Recap


April & May 2017 Recap

These last two months have completely altered my schedule—for both good and bad reasons. From a serious illness that wiped me out for weeks and now my new adventure as a grad's been quite the ride! Isn't it funny how life does that to you? I was so sure in my expectations and yet this … Continue reading April & May 2017 Recap

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March 2017 Recap

I can honestly say I'm glad March has come to a close. I unfortunately spent most of the month rather sick, so today's list is rather brief. However, I don't believe in leaving anything on a bad note. There were still a number of projects completed and/or started last month. Lifestyle & Beauty Memebox is running … Continue reading March 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap

It's that time again. Below, you'll find my posting recap for February. What was your favorite part of this month? Lifestyle & Beauty: ColourPop Haul Swatches: Ultra-Matte Lips Lifestyle Changes: Diet Resources: Locking Down the Strategy Window Shopping Hacks (aka Shopping Before You Shop) Product Reviews: Eat Well Be Well Influenster VoxBox Music Recommendations: Guardian … Continue reading February 2017 Recap