American Botanics: First Impressions

I received a couple of product samples for review a few months ago from the team over at American Botanics. Nancy, one of the co-founders, and I met at the Fear Paradox Summit back in July. For those of you that don’t know, part of my role at the nonprofit I work for is managing our online store—so I’m always looking for new businesses to collaborate with.

Anyway, we got on the subject of skincare and my love of the multi-step routine. Nancy told me about their product lines and it was an instant “duh” moment. I love supporting local businesses and the fact that every purchase also helps with Melanoma research is just awesome.

When given the option of which product line to try, I decided to go with the SuperA+ Prickly Pear line. Specifically, the cleanser and hydra mist.

American Botanics Super A+ Gentle Cleanser

Cleansers are something I’m particularly picky about. Why? Because when they’re bad, they strip your skin and when they’re great—your skin feels delightfully clean.

Don’t let the size fool you! It doesn’t take much to clean your face. I’m only now getting close to needing a replacement.

American Botancis Super A+ Antioxidant HydraMist

Toners are one of my favorite parts of the skincare routine. After the dirt and oil of the day are off your skin, you just want to apply the cool and refreshing layer of moisture before you move on.

Having this is a spray bottle is also so convenient. I’ve normally had to use cotton wipes and outside of being wasteful, a lot of the product doesn’t end up in your skin.

A lot of that is to blame on me, though. Don’t worry—I’m on my last bag.

Anyway, with a few spritz and light pats on your face, it takes no time to absorb.

HydraMist Back Label

One last feature of this product line that I adore is the packaging (as always). You have a useful reminder of which step you are on and the best way to use the product itself.

I’ve already purchased for family and have my personal orders queued up. I’ll share results photos in the future.

Do you have a local skincare line that you love?