ColourPop Haul 2016: A Quick Overview

I can get really excited about something when I discover I really like it. After hearing everyone rave forever about ColourPop, I finally gave in. I wanted something on par with the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, especially after learning about some of the less-positive history of the company’s founder.

Every dupe blog I read kept referring to ColourPop and the prices are beyond affordable (i.e. $6 for a full-size liquid lipstick). I’m a fan of everything matte–lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, etc. So knowing this preference would be covered brought a huge smile to my face.

ColourPop 2016 A

One purchase turned into four separate hauls. Now I have every matte lip color I could want, along with eye liners, eye shadow and brow gels. The image above it just a sample of what was actually purchased.  Look at that gorgeous packaging!

ColourPop 2016 B

Out of the three matte lip colors in this haul, KAPOW is definitely my favorite. It looks like a light milk chocolate in the container, but dries a few shades darker.

ColourPop 2016 C

CHEAP THRILLS and LUMIÈRE 2 are pretty shades, but definitely too light for my skin tone.

ColourPop 2016 D

When I was looking at eye makeup, I discovered a few wonderful finds. In the top-left jar, you can just make out the eye shadow in the shade HIGH RISE. Next to that are my other must-haves: gel eyeliners and brow gels. For the former, I grabbed SWERVE, BREW-HAHA and KICKER. For the latter, I picked out both BLACK N’ BROWN as well as DOPE TAUPE.

There’s obviously a lot more for me to cover—in terms of full reviews and swatches—but I’m so happy I went ahead and gave this brand a chance! Keep an eye out for posts in the upcoming weeks.