ColourPop Haul Swatches: Brow Gels & Eyeliner Gels

If I could get my eye makeup game down, I’ll be flaunting it everywhere. Okay, not really. But I would get an accomplished smile every time I looked in the mirror.

Below are some swatches of the brow gels and eyeliner gels I purchased from ColourPop ages ago. In order from top to bottom, we have Black’N’Brown, Dope Taupe, Kicker, Brew-Haha, and Swerve.

Brow Gels and Eyeliners

Brow Gels

Love or hate the Instagram eyebrow trends, you can’t say eyebrows aren’t a big focus these days. I’ve unintentionally rocked cartoon brows even though I don’t use concealer for that ultra-fine lining. I was young. Blame it on that…and the fact that black everything was all I wanted in my wardrobe.

However, I finally figured out my perfect combination for a natural looking brow.


If I want a more dramatic look, I use it on my entire brow. For a more subtle look, I use this on the last half of my brows only.

Dope Taupe

This tends to be my daily brow gel. Although it’s promoted as blond, if you just want a soft fill—it’s perfect for dark brows. For the evening looks, I use it on the first half of my brows and fade it into Black’N’Brown.

Eyeliner Gels

Often times, eyeliner and mascara are my go-to products when I 1) don’t feel like wearing anything else and 2) I want to rock my look with my glasses on. I wear them daily but hate recording with them on. Yes, I am looking into getting contacts again.


Apparently discontinued since I first purchased my pot (oops…), this is a fun liner for those days you just really want to make a statement.


Brown eyeliner can be so underrated at times. I always find it to be the right balance between elegance and simplicity.


Is there ever really a wrong time to have black eyeliner on hand? The answer is “no”.