ColourPop Haul Swatches: Lippie Stix and Blow Me Away Palette

I’ve made it a mission recently to get better at makeup. Well, actually, let me correct that phrasing. I’ve made it a mission recently to both wear makeup more AND get better at applying it. With that being said, I’m having the most fun just narrowing down my color palette.

From my makeup to my clothing, I’m starting the transition to my standards. College was my first time not being stuck in a uniform most of the time, so I was wearing everything. Good. Bad. Why did no one tell me…Everything.

Nude colors and deep reds are my current fixation. While summer is by far my favorite season, autumn colors are just so endearing. That becomes even clearer in these two purchases. Both are no longer available, so I’m keeping them quick close on-hand. lol.

Lippie Stix - Creature

Lippie Stix – Creature

How deep is your love…for this red? Seriously. HOW DEEP?!

Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Palette

Palette – Blow Me Away

Blow Me Away Color List

When ColourPop starting rolling out monochromatic collections, my heart fluttered so happily after seeing the Nectar offering. Peach was a shade very absent from my lifestyle, so I thought it would be a great time to experiment.

Blow Me Away Palette Cover

Sparkly things make me smile. I won’t lie. Sometimes, I pull this out just to open it for a minute. Simple pleasures of life. ; )

Blow Me Away Palette Colors

You don’t always need a million colors for a palette to work. Click here to see the full collection in action.

How are the swatches?

Blow Me Away Palette Swatches

While the palette is no longer offered, the shade ISSUES can still be purchased from ColourPop here.