ColourPop Haul Swatches: Ultra-Matte Lip Colors

As I mentioned last month, I’ve been introduced to ColourPop and am officially hooked!

Here are some quick swatches for the colors:

ColourPop Ultra Matte Swatches


While I definitely love my nude shades, I always love a hint of alternative in my style. This is such a gorgeous blue-gray that provides a striking contrast to my skin color. I’m waiting for the right event to do a dramatic look with this, but it’s great as a focal point itself.


I don’t like wearing pink shades. Blame it on my childhood—specifically a godmother who bought me everything pink for years…lol. I was so turned off by the color for a while that I was focused on black-everything in college.

Any who…this color came in part of an Ultra-Matter set. It’s a cooler pink, so I’m working on getting it into my look when I’m at home. I don’t despise it as much as before—but it’s still not something I pull out often.


A purplish-pink, this shade falls into the same category as LUMIÈRE 2. Since it’s slightly cool, it’s definitely my preference.


Now this is a great shade of brown. Cool yet sexy—I just really love this color. It dries slighter dark than when you apply, but doesn’t seem too dreary for daily use. Two thumbs up for sure.


I’ve made this my signature color and actually bought two more so that I don’t run out to fast. I’ve fought to find a comfortable shade of red. I think anyone who’s wore red lip color knows what I mean. It can’t be too warm or too cool. Does it contrast in a complimentary way against your teeth what you smile? Does your skin look too washed out with it? These questions are often associated when red comes into play.


A shade that falls between CHEAP THRILLS and LUMIÈRE 2, my thoughts about the color fall into the same category.

Overall, I enjoy the applications with these shades. Although people often recommend skipping a lip balm underneath, I always like to apply a thin coat first. You well experience a drying affect. Unfortunately, that’s the case with matte lip colors in general. For me, they stay most of the day, with just a small touch-up needed after eating.