Dealing with Adult Acne

Acne sucks.

Is there really another argument?

If you’re like me, acne was not on the radar until you were halfway through college. And boy did it become a new focus! In my case, it’s wasn’t that I had a huge breakout overall. I really abused the comedone extractor and scarred my lower-cheeks and chin.

Add in that I didn’t consider other factors like hair oil sitting on my face while I slept or having a more detailed pillowcase routine (i.e. rotating each site before swapping every few days) and you have the perfect environment for facial chaos.

It’s bad enough that I’m still working to eliminate the scarring. I refuse to wear makeup more regularly until I can end most of it. While my self-consciousness is nowhere when it was as a young-adult (i.e. true embarrassment when I thought people were looking), I’m still aware of it.

There’s a certain point in your life where you just accept it as a part of reality and just work to minimize it as much as possible. That’s part of the reason I shifted into an Asian skin care routine.  While you can argue over the number of steps truly required, the trend it bringing more attention to the importance of taking care of your skin.

Now that I’m a good two years into it, I’m really loving the results I’m experiencing.

Things like daily masking, consistent morning/evening routines and the power of Vitamin C are getting me closer to the better skin of my youth.

I’ll keep sharing product reviews for what’s worked best for me. However, my biggest takeaway in this entire process is how PERSONAL skin care is. It never works completely the same for everyone.

Do you have a holy grail (HG) item?